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8:53am 09-11-2009
Lisa Davolt
I'm in my first year of homeschooling. I was looking for activities that my son could complete on his own, without re-inventing the wheel. I stumbled onto your site. I now have you bookmarked, I want to check out all of those lovely resources. Sorry to see geocities is closing, but I hope you will continue your website at another location.
10:21am 05-09-2009
I noticed that the "watermelon" phonics game has two of the left hand side of the watermelon, and is missing the page with the matching words. ???????????? Could you e-mail me when you have updated?
sorry .... Kelli madken33@aol.com
9:34am 05-09-2009
Kelli West
Could there be a page missing on the "phonics game" : Frogs on Logs ... I couldn't find the frogs to go with the game ... ????
Thanks again! Kelli
9:30am 05-09-2009
Kelli West
Oh ...... I have been looking everywhere for these "file folder" games for my son, and I could not find them ... until I found you! ;O) I printed off every single one of them! Can you tell me if there is a book I can buy somewhere with these in it? It was your link to "phonics games"
Thank you sooooo much for sharing! This was truly an answered prayer!
9:45am 04-26-2009
I am trying to create your file folder games and the one called "Speed Read" has a page of word cards missing. A page of "Spider Web" cards is in its spot by mistake. Could you get me the correct page, please? Thanks!
8:51pm 02-02-2009
Anelle Knudsen
Love your site and very exciting to start homeschooling...starting out just like you...scared but looking forward to it. Anelle - Te Puke, Bay of Plenty - New Zealand
9:35pm 09-09-2008
Becks Godsmark
I am definitely enjoying this website. Very helpful and full of great resources. My daughter will be 5 in October but we have started with home education already, just taking it easy at the moment and having lots of fun with colouring pages and playing games to learn phonics and maths. Thank you so much for the great resources. I have definitelly got his site bookmarked

2:01pm 09-08-2008
Nayeli Hernandez
Always planned on Homeschooling my children! I have 2 boys (3 and 4 years old). We've been learning as they play but I am looking forward to start creating a preschool type routine. "Letter of the Week" "Memory Verses" "Play Time" "Story Time"...that kind of Stuff. Anyways I am soexcited I could keep writing and writing.
Feel Free to visit my sites!

Nayeli Hernandez - Florida, USA
10:03pm 08-18-2008
Ronelle Henn
We're immigrating to NZ on 15 Oct 08. I have a daughter of 4 and a son of 2 and I'm wanting to start homeschooling Jan next year. Thanx for this superb site. I'm sure it'll help loads in my planning and preparation.